Open Letter

Dear Pastor and the Alliance leader,

Greetings. It is now getting to November and the year-end of 2020. I would like to confess with you today that God has been faithful even in 2020 in the midst of seemingly overwhelming challenges around us. It is my earnest prayer that you will be able to detect God’s steadfast faithfulness despite whatever challenge you may face today.

The famous Psalm 23 depicts the Lord, our Shepherd, leading us to and making us lie down in green pastures. So often, those of us who are not familiar with Israel’s geography misunderstand its concept. In rare cases, the shepherds could find the plains full of green grass in Israel. Instead, they would lead their flock by grazing the rocky hillsides and tracing a handful of grass near moist rocks. Being biologically near-sighted, the sheep must rely on the leading of shepherds who can see those scattered mouthful grasses from afar.

Our Lord, who knows where our provision awaits at every turn, leads us one step at a time in life and ministry. He wants us to depend on him and follow him closely day by day, trusting that he’d eventually and undoubtedly lead us to what we need for now. Green pastures are not everything you need for the rest of your life. This is radically different from the imagery of green pasture in many people’s imagination. However, this is what the Bible means when it says “the Lord makes me lie down in green pastures.” How relevant and applicable concept this is to our reality! If you are able, watching this video clip will help you gain a more graphical illustration of this lesson.

May the Lord bless and watch over your family and all your end-year programs and events this year. May he be glorified and lifted up in everything as you and I follow him closely. I also pray that he will keep you strong as we still undergo the current global pandemic. Please share your challenges and prayer requests with other leaders in the circle of EAPTC International, so that we can intercede for one another.

The Lord is still our Shepherd. My prayer is that we will all feel his caring hands at the very point of our needs as we bring 2020 into completion.

Eunice and I love you always and pray for you everyday.

Dr. Paul Lee
International Director