Open Letter

Dear Pastor and the Alliance leader,

Greetings in our Lord’s merciful name. Paul reminds us of the following exhortation through his letter to the church in Colossae during his imprisonment.

He was in chains back then just as many of us are currently under a lockdown or similar restrictions posed by the ongoing Covid pandemic. Yet, the venerable apostle was confident that the gospel was not hindered in his dire situation. The same goes with us today. Paul asked others to pray for him to utilize EVERY opportunity around him so that he’d keep preaching Christ by all means (even in prison). He knew that ministry of prayer has the freedom to travel and work out salvation for everyone everywhere. Even so, our prayers do not have closed doors in our present situations today. I encourage you to engage in more fervent intercessory prayer ministry during this pandemic. Many of our leaders and members need prayers, and prayers can bring healing and provision across borders and time zones.

Recently, I was told by Pastor Moses Aringo that Brother Mengi has gone to be with the Lord. Some of you know him personally. My prayer is with Mrs. Mengi and his children. Brother Mengi has been one of the faithful coworkers of the EAPTC Ministry in many ways. We'll all miss him on this side of eternity but will be happy to see him later in heaven. He has fought a good fight of faith. Let us praise God for the life lived well.

Here is a helpful article about distinctive characteristics of a good shepherd. A great article it is and I’m sure it’ll bless you this month as you read and take heed to its message.

Once again, let us please pray for one another. Prayer is still one powerful tool with no limitation. Mary, Queen of Scots, once stated that she feared the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe. Prayer can move the King of kings and the Lord of lords to act on our behalf as we align our will to his. What an honorable privilege it is and, at the same time, how unfortunate will it be if we disregard to exercise this privilege! We have but every reason to pray, for heaven’s sake, especially during this time of Lent.

Prayerfully yours,

Dr. Paul Lee
International Director