Welcome to EAPTC! Since its inception in 1996, the Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training/Commission (EAPTC) has been faithfully establishing 300+ local church plants, 50+ Bible training centers, numerous nursery schools, agricultural mission and microfinance ministry in 15 countries of Africa and Asia through its unique training methodology of indigenous Christian leadership. Thousands of graduates serve as church planters, evangelists, pastors, teachers and missionaries to touch many communities of various parts of the world and continue to build God’s kingdom.

Over the years, EAPTC stood on the indigenous foundation and is currently led by a team of faithful national directors who represent different regions within EAPTC body. The flames of discipleship still continue to spread over national borders, even to some utmost parts of the earth, and countless lives have been changed for eternity by the movement.

Today, EAPTC holds an international alliance of disciples, churches and schools, from Kenya to Korea, which keeps touching individuals and communities with life-changing power of the gospel across the globe. We invite you to be part of this movement along with your family and friends. If you would like to learn more about our history, you can read it from our "Footage of Growth" by clicking here.